22Gz Advises Young Rappers To “Dumb Down” Their Disses

22Gz says young rappers need to stop being too direct with disses in their songs. The New York rapper discussed rap beef in a new interview with HipHopDX.

“All these young n****s, they got heat, I ain’t gon’ lie,” 22Gz told the outlet. “They got heat. They doin’ they thing. Just gotta dumb they dissin’ down cause n****s don’t hear you, n****s straight hear the dissin’ and say fuck the whole song, ya heard?”

22Gz goes on to say that being overly direct hinders a song’s potential popularity.

“It’s how diss though,” he expained. “It’s day room how they do it type shit. Like bro, a n***a moms can’t hear that type shit. You really trying to make it or what? You playin’.”

22Gz’s opinion on including disses in rap songs comes after he recently came to fellow New York rapper Bobby Shmurda’s defense amidst an ongoing beef with Wack 100. Wack had criticized Shmurda’s dancing.

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In response, 22Gz labeled Wack “the police” and asked “How you not street cause you dance? So just because a n***a dance he not a shooter?” on Twitter.

Check out 22Gz’s discussion with HipHopDX here.


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