Cordae Isn’t Just Dropping Bars, He’s Dropped 35 Pounds

Cordae has been doing some really big things as of late. He’s been steadily gaining notoriety and getting acclimated to the game, while taking his time to enjoy it. In 2019, he released his debut album The Lost Boy. The project was well-accepted amongst the hip-hop community, and solidified him as a young rapper to look out for in the near future. Around the same time, he began dating tennis superstar Naomi Osaka. As if having a respected album under your belt isn’t enough, dating a world renowned athlete is definitely a big deal in its own right. More recently, Cordae released his sophomore album From A Bird’s Eye View. Not only was this album anticipated, but the project was also star-studded. Some of the features include Gunna, Eminem, and the great Stevie Wonder. With all of these accomplishments, though, one of the ones that Cordae is most proud of is losing 35lbs.

Cordae discussed his weight loss a bit in an interview with BigBoyTV. When asked about his motivation to lose the weight, he stated “I had to do a GQ cover.” While not necessarily the answer that one might expect when thinking of reasons to get in shape, Cordae took a second to explain a bit further. He says he took time to ask himself one question: “If don’t get in shape to do a GQ cover, what ever in life is gonna motivate you to get in shape?”

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When given the opportunity to flex on such an upper-echelon publication, wanting to get in shape for your shoot makes sense. Not to mention when dating an athlete, a good workout regimen probably isn’t hard to come by.

Watch Cordae’s interview with BigBoyTV below.

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