DJ Mustard Suffers Minor Injuries After Car Was Hit By Drunk Driver

It was a frightening scene on a freeway after DJ Mustard was reportedly involved in an accident. The award-winning producer lives a relatively low profile existence and only rarely gets involved in drama or controversy, but he recently surfaced to show images related to a car crash he was involved in. He detailed what happened and it looks as if he’s lucky to have walked away from this unscathed.

“Last night a drunk driver hit me and another car on the freeway,” he wrote. “Slammed my car into the wall all the airbags came out.”

“Totaled my truck sh*t felt like a movie,” Mustard added. “Smh i was able to walk away with minor bruises no major injuries thank you god ! … on top of that my trek bike was in the back my sh*t was broke i was more mad about that than my car man.”

It is unclear exactly where Mustard was or what the status is of the other victim driving the second vehicle. He also didn’t give an update to the drunk driver responsible so it many assumed that the perpetrator was arrested. Mustard’s vehicle was clearly severely damaged and he has been receiving supportive messages from fans.

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We’re glad to see that he made it out okay. Check out the photos below.

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