Doja Cat Shares Natural Hair In Goofy Selfie

Fans don’t know what to make of this.
Doja Cat has always been known for her spontaneity and silliness. Aside from being one of the biggest pop stars in the industry at the moment, Doja has always strived to achieve a balance between taking her career seriously and being herself shamelessly. From time to time, she will either start Instagram Live sessions to just let loose, e goofy and talk to her fans, as well as tweeting whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

On Monday (Dec. 27), Doja Cat took to Instagram to post a quirky selfie of her wearing Pokemon underwear. Her top features a Pikachu face on it, as the random photo of her with no caption appears to be a blurry candid that she was not posing for.

With no context for the photo, bewildered fans looked to give meaning to the post. Earlier this month, it was announced that Doja Cat was planning a nationwide tour in 2022.

So, with this prior knowledge, fans thought she could potentially be alluding to an upcoming tour announcement, considering she had posted this photo before to let fans know about a tour she was about to go on.

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But, unless something comes directly from Doja, we are left to guess what this post means, if it means anything at all. Likely, it was just Doja Cat being her usual unpredictable self.

Check out Doja’s post below.

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