Dr. Dre Creates Hype For A Potential Eminem Verzuz

Dr. Dre asks who would be competition for Eminem.

The comparison of rappers and the idea of pitting their abilities against one another is an essential staple of hip-hop culture. Once an artist gains a certain level of notoriety, it’s a given that people will question their position among others in the game. Verzuz, crafted by superproducers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, allows for these dream battles to come to life. One of the most requested and mentioned rappers when discussing Verzuz is Eminem, and a recent Dr. Dre post hints at the possibility of it happening some time soon.

Though Dr. Dre’s Instagram post only reads “Marshall Mathers vs Who???!!,” the post itself opens a world of conversations now that a platform for direct catalog competition actually exists.

There have been battles between artists with massive names since Verzuz‘ conception. Some of the most high-profile artists to grace the stage include Ludacris vs. Nelly, The Lox vs. Dipset, and even The Isley Brothers vs. Earth, Wind, and Fire. Huge artists show out on Verzuz often, so Em isn’t too big to bless the stage with his presence.

The question shifts from “would Eminem participate?” to “if so, who would be his competition?” Many have Eminem as the greatest rapper of all time on their list, while others feel like there are names in the soundsphere who could defeat him with ease. There is a noticably stark dichotomy between these opinions on Instagram and Twitter, with Instagram taking the former approach (as can be seen in the comments of Dr. Dre’s post). Twitter had a different perspective on the topic:

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