“Euphoria” Season 3 Rumoured 2024 Premiere Date

Euphoria Season 3 Premiere Date

Last night’s Euphoria season finale was an explosive one, with all of our favourite characters coming together on-screen to wrap up the eight episodes of sheer chaos and drama that made up the show’s second installment. As Pride points out, the finale only aired hours ago, but dedicated fans are already eager to see what the recently-confirmed third season will have in store for us.

Unfortunately, there’s been some speculation online that we won’t be getting any answers from the East Highland High School crew until 2024, as lead actress Zendaya – who plays Rue – will be booked and busy filming Dune 2 and Challengers this year, leaving her little time for any other projects.

It’s also been noted that the actress liked a tweet with some telling information, unofficially confirming the far-away premiere date/ “Tomorrow is really the last episode of Euphoria until 2024 huh :(” the post reads. “Wtf! Zendaya liked your post which means it’s true,” another user speculated, providing a screenshot with receipts.

The recently concluded season of the HBO hit faced delays as well, although those were due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as production halted just days into filming back in 2020.

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