Gunna & Future’s Manager Ebonie Ward Posts Video Of Gunman Breaking Into Home

Several major cities have been found to be targets of increasing home invasions and break-ins. Los Angeles has been inundated with reports, so much so that officials came forward to tell tourists to put off their vacations to the City of Angels. Atlanta has also been a major location for similar crimes, as we have seen alarming reports shared online.

Tyrese Gibson had his car stolen from his driveway, Blueface’s parents were victims of a home invasion, Lil Durk and fiancée India Royale reportedly exchanged gunfire with assailants, and Hitman Holla was on the phone with his girlfriend when perpetrators broke into their home and shot her in the face.

Ebonie Ward, Future and Gunna’s manager who was recently included in Billboard’s 2022 Women In Music Top Executives, recently uploaded a video that showed three people casing her residence before kicking in her door and storming inside. Thankfully, Ward wasn’t home at the time, but she still shared a message about “watching this [from] hundreds of miles away.”

“As a black women we are the last to be respected , protected and loved,” she wrote. “I have to constantly be guarded in every environment from my work to personal life in fear that I will be abused, taken advantage of or hurt. My home is my safe space I’ve done everything possible to make sure that space wasn’t compromised.”

“This is not something I wanted to share because I was ashamed; that I have become a victim , more importantly I’ve become a victim at the hands of a black men,” she continued. “Black Men why is this acceptable behavior ? Instead of using these hands as a safe guard you have chosen to use them to come in my home with guns , steal and vandalize my property… I love to hard , I give to much and I didn’t deserve this.”

Ward added that it took the Atlanta Police Department an hour and 30 minutes to arrive at the location after the home’s alarms went off. She claims she “was told it” was because of “a shift change.” Swipe below to watch her videos and read through the message in full.


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