J. Prince Puts Houston ‘Bounty Hunters’ On Blast For Fatal ‘Ambush’ Of Walter Hutchins

According to Click2Houston, a Houston Police Department lieutenant at the scene said a group of men, who identified themselves to police as bounty hunters, were attempting to execute a warrant when the situation took a deadly turn.

“They were here looking for an individual that they did spot,” Houston Police Department Lt. R. Willkens said. “They found him over here inside of a vehicle. They approached the individual; the guy that was sitting in the car. When they approached, this individual shot numerous times from inside his vehicle out toward these investigators.

“One of the investigators fired a rifle only a couple of times, which struck this male and grazed him across the top of the head. Our suspect backed up, crashed into a wall. Officers heard the shots, they were close in the area. They came and gave first aid immediately to our gunshot victim and secured the scene.”

But Rap-A-Lot Records founder and proud Houston native J. Prince doesn’t buy it. Instead, he believes a disturbing clip of the incident proves he was ambushed.

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“These are bounty hunters ambushing my family Walter down last night as he was leaving a place of business. You motherfuckers better be lucky I wasn’t there because y’all look like robbers and jackers to me. As you can see this looks like a hit, you should never run up on a person like this in plain clothes and no police cars at night.

“Y’all never gave him a chance to know who you were without gunning him down first. We won’t allow y’all to get away with this one by changing the narrative or justify killing a man because he has a warrant for his arrest.”

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