Kendall Jenner’s Nude Photoshoot Has IG Users Calling Out The App’s Community Guidelines

Kendall Jenner is once again feeling the heat. It seems as though any time a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family posts something on Instagram, haters will find a reason to critique them, and the 26-year-old model’s latest upload is no exception.

For her most recent cover shoot, Jenner graced the front of i-D Magazine, switching up her signature, silky black hair for a choppy, red pixie cut that’s just barely visible under a black cowboy hat. On her body, the KUWTK star rocked a pink monokini, complete with multiple flirty cutouts in the front, and a red and white cup from In-N-Out.

While the cover left little to the imagination, it actually wasn’t the most attention-grabbing photo from the shoot. In one feature picture, Jenner can be seen posing completely nude, laying on her side with her breasts exposed – her legs wrapped around one another in a way that accentuates her hips.

Seeing as Instagram has an infamous history of censoring any woman who dares post their nipple on the platform, some have been wondering why the eldest Jenner sister’s NSFW picture remains on her page, over 48 hours after being posted.

“Glad you’re able to post nudes on IG, when thousands of other women get deleted daily for posting things that aren’t even this naked,” one upset Twitter user wrote earlier this week. “Keep up the good work, maybe they will let everyone post nudes now. Oh, it doesn’t work that way. Sucks for us I guess.”

Others called Jenner out for the timing of her post, and how it looked insensitive to some for her to share provocative photos one slide before addressing the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

See what Twitter is saying about Kendall Jenner’s controversial i-D Magazine photoshoot below.

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