Kid Cudi Says “Entergalactic” Is His Masterpiece

Kid Cudi has been hard at work on his upcoming new album and television series, Entergalactic, for the last three years and according to the talented recording artist, the body of work is his greatest piece of art ever.

The revered musician has been one of the most iconic vocalists in hip-hop for over the last decade, inspiring millennial youths with his dreamy hums on Man on the Moon: The End of Day and subsequent releases. His project slate has been full for years as Cudder expands into the world of acting, most recently announcing that he will be in the upcoming A24-produced film X with Mia Goth. Fans of the rapper’s music are most excited about his passion project, Entergalactic, which Cudi is releasing as a Netflix series and music album. On Sunday night (January 23), Cudi spoke about what the project means to him.

“ENTERGALACTIC is the greatest piece of art Ive ever made,” wrote the artist on Twitter. “I am so sooo f*ckin proud of this show. U have no idea what ur in for. 3 years in the making.”

Responding to a few fans who had questions about the body of work, Cudi confirmed that the show and album will release on the same day. He also said that the experience will be enhanced if you watch the show first before listening to the album.

As for his favorite part about making Entergalactic, Cudi says his foray into voice acting has been a dream come true. “The voice acting was the most fun,” he said. “The music too but Ive always wanted to do more voice acting and idk it was like another dream come true foreal.”

We will keep you posted as more information is revealed about the upcoming release of Entergalactic. Are you excited to watch it and listen?

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