Kodak Black Fan Buys Rapper His Dream Car

Florida-based rapper Kodak Black is a multi-millionaire and right now, he’s in one of the most profitable stretches of his career with the recent release of his studio album Back For Everything, which includes the current #4 song in the country, “Super Gremlin.” He doesn’t need anybody to buy him gifts because he’s got enough bread to treat himself whenever he wants. However, he gladly accepted when one of his fans, popular YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, got him a “Donk” to celebrate the rapper being alright following a shooting a few weeks ago.

Sharing a video on his page where he presents Kodak Black with his dream car, a customized 1971-76 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala, SteveWillDoIt told the rapper that he’s been listening to his music since high school and wanted to treat him to something special for holding him down for so long.

“I’m a big fan and I heard you got shot,” said the influencer. “I bought you a car to make you feel better.”

Instantly, Kodak couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Man, what the f*ck going on? Z shit, brother,” he said, quizzically.

The customized car is one of Kodak’s dream vehicles which, according to one of his team members in the video, he has been talking about every single day. They all joked that the whip was so elevated that they could comfortably do push-ups underneath it, which they displayed for the video.

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Check out the video below to see how it all went down. Would you ever get a gift this expensive for one of your favorite rappers?



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