Latto Claps Back About Name Change

Latto Claps Back About Name Change.

Latto continues to take hits over her original moniker, “Mulatto.”
Once again, Latto’s moniker has become a hot topic. The artist formerly known as Mulatto has long been taking hits from the public and in the media over the name. She was first introduced to the world as a young teen with dreams of topping the charts when she appeared on Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game, and since that time, people took issue with the term as it has deep-seated roots in Black history.

It was this time last year when Latto spoke about officially changing her name, revealing that she has matured and become more aware of the term’s controversial history. “I understand the frustration and I’m listening as an artist, as a creative, but not even just that,” she explained to us during our 2020 12 Days of Christmas interview with her last year.

“As a woman, as someone who lives in these communities that are affected by matters like that or problems that my daddy and my uncles experienced firsthand,” she continued. Still, even after the name change, the rapper continues to receive criticism over carrying the stage name in the first place. She addressed the controversy once again on Twitter today after someone asked her the origin of her name.

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“Y’all not over this yet? I’ve apologized for it multiple times even tho I didn’t name myself at 8yo,” she replied. “I took the blame/accountability, turned over a new leaf & made sum positive of it.. all while maintaining my trademarks, LLCs etc w/o branching too far off my established brand [red heart emoji].”

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