Lil Gotit Photo Goes Viral As Fans React To His Weight Gain

Atlanta rapper Lil Gotit is facing off against internet trolls this week after a screengrab from one of his recent live streams went viral, showing the artist’s apparent weight gain over the last year. A side-by-side juxtaposition of photos from a few years ago, and one from recent weeks, is trending on social media with fans commenting that the rapper isn’t that “lil” anymore.

During Gotit’s live-stream, his fans were pointing out his weight gain, sharing comments including, “N***a gained hella weight,” “Thicc,” and “My slatt been eating good.” Others on the internet were a little crueler, joking that the 22-year-old artist should change his name to Big Gotit now.

On Tuesday, the rapper deleted all of his pictures on Instagram and shared a new one, saying, “BIG GOTIT!! Wish I can change my IG NAME.” Clearly, he’s seen what they’re saying about him.

On Instagram Stories, Gotit addressed the haters, saying, “Can’t be a Kid forever lol grown man weight done got on me.”

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At least he doesn’t seem to be fretting all of the people body-shaming him in his comments. Check out the viral photos below and be sure to check out Lil Gotit’s response underneath.

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