Lil Uzi Vert Seemingly Changes “The Pink Tape” Album Name

Uzi may have changed the name to “Delta Pink.”
In 2020, Lil Ui Vert practically released three separate projects. Eternal Atake, its subsequent 14-song deluxe titled LUV vs. The World 2 and a collaborative album with Future titled Pluto x Baby Pluto all came in 2020 after he had not dropped an album since 2017.

After flooding his fans music libraries following the drought, Uzi had his sights set on the next album in 2021. The Pink Tape was set to drop around Halloween of this year, but Uzi delayed it in order to assure its quality. He had previously stated that he felt Eternal Atake was underwhelming because much of it got leaked, so he had to simplify the album’s concept. So, he plans for this upcoming project to be “legendary” as a way of bouncing back.

Uzi already dropped the supposed promotional single for the album “Demon High” around Halloween to make up for the delay, but we still have no clue when he is planning to release the entire project.

Now, it seems that it will no longer be called The Pink Tape. In a recent Instagram Story, Uzi posted a white board in a room where he is allegedly working on the album. The words “Delta Pink” were written on the board, potentially alluding to the album’s new title.

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This could be the third name change for the album, as Uzi was referring to a project titled “The Real Uzi 2” in March as a sequel to his debut mixtape. It is not clear at the moment if that is a separate project or it that got changed to The Pink Tape.

The upcoming album will potentially house a Drake feature, and Uzi has previewed some of it at his recent live shows. So, whether it will be The Pink Tape or Delta Pink, Uzi hopes to put on a stellar performance with his forthcoming effort.

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