Marilyn Manson Is Working Closely With Kanye West On “Donda 2”

It came as a shock to find accused rapist Marilyn Manson standing on stage alongside Kanye West at the Donda listening party at the Soldier Field. It was even more shocking that he had songwriting credits on the album’s song “Jail.” His contributions were subtle on Donda but it appears that won’t be the case in the sequel.

“I see Marilyn a lot in the studio,” producer Digital Nas told Rolling Stone of Manson’s contributions to Ye’s new album. “Like, every day I go to the studio, Marilyn is there working on Donda 2.“

Manson’s collaborator Tim Skold previously posted a picture on Instagram, hinting at a collaboration with West.Nas explained that West has locked in with Manson and his collaborators on production and songwriting on the album. Nas added that Ye doesn’t want Manson to step out of his comfort zone creatively.

“He wants Marilyn to play what he makes, and then Ye will take parts of that and sample parts of that and use parts of that, like he did [generally when making] Yeezus,” Nas continued. “He has some producers from Yeezus working on Donda 2 this time around, [as well as] Marilyn, me, a bunch of producers from Donda 1.”

While reps for Manson confirmed that he was “continuing his creative collaboration with Ye,” Digital Nas explained that Kanye isn’t necessarily looking to be controversial by his association with the rocker and could be the same reason why Ye embraced DaBaby, too. “I think it’s moreso that Ye is coming from a standpoint of like, ‘We all make mistakes,’ ” he says. “I think that’s maybe why he had DaBaby and Marilyn at that one show. I’m just assuming it is from a standpoint of like, ‘We’re all sinners. We all make mistakes. We shouldn’t point the finger at someone for the mistakes they’ve made or something like that.’ ”

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Kanye West‘s Donda 2 is expected to drop on Feb. 22nd.

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