Nicki Minaj Thinks There May Be “A Female Or Two” Who Could Go Against Her On “Verzuz”

She also explained why Drake and Lil Wayne may not be a perfect fit to go against her on the award-winning music series.
A clip of a forthcoming interview with 97.9 The Box in Houston has the Barbz in a frenzy now that Nicki Minaj has openly spoken on her interest in Verzuz. There has been a cry far and wide by Minaj’s fans to see the acclaimed Rap icon take to the Verzuz stage and the conversations have floated several names as potential opponents. While participating in a virtual interview with the radio station, Minaj was questioned about her potential Verzuz appearance.

The host mentioned that the only people they could think of going up against Minaj are either Drake or Lil Wayne, but Nicki wasn’t so sure.

“But see, Drake and Wayne…they…Drake and Wayne have so many bonafide Hip Hop hits, you know what I’m sayin’?” Nicki answered. “So, I don’t know, but I do think there might be a female or two that…” She trailed off and seemed to want to keep her choices close to the chest, but the radio hosts did their best to get the information out of her.

“Well, they were talking to me about it, and look, if it’s gonna be a fun and like, you know, then you never know!” she teased. “That’s all I’ll say about that… It should feel like a celebration. That’s exactly what I would like it to be. Fun, happiness, because a lot of times with my career, it feels like work, and now, I’m just like, no, everything needs to feel good.”

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Fans are curious as to who Nicki has in mind, but there have been talks that Lil Kim would be her opponent. Check out the clip of Nicki Minaj below.


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