Offset Left Six Figures Worth Of Jewelry At Jeweler, Finally Remembers 2 Years Later

Offset hit Icebox to pick up some of his jewelry he bought years ago.

Offset and his wife Cardi B live a lucrative lifestyle. They have each had elite runs of dominating hip-hop and pop music charts with their individual solo careers, as well as Offset’s Migos trio. As they continue to run up their bank accounts, it may have also led to some racks slipping their mind.

In a recent YouTube video posted by Icebox Diamonds & Watches, a famous jeweler that many rappers frequent in Atlanta, Offset paid the shop a visit to splurge on some chains and shiny jewelry. However, when he arrived and was helped by an employee named Zahir, they began chatting about Offset’s prior purchases and his investment lifestyle.

Zahir mentioned that, while preparing for Offset’s visit to Icebox, he came across some pieces that Offset had bought two years ago during the Christmas season which he had forgotten to collect: “I forgot about that sh*t.”

Allegedly the jewelry added up to north of $150,000 in worth, and Offset was relieved that he was reminded of his mishap. Zahir gave Offset his pieces, which included a Southside chain and some diamond jewelry he bought for Cardi B at the time.

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This past Christmas, the couple got a new family dog to celebrate the holiday season, and Cardi B gifted Set $2 million for his birthday which was right around the same time. So, while the measly six-figure jewelry may not have broken Offset and Cardi’s back, they certainly feel better about receiving what they paid for.

Check out the entire episode of Offset at Icebox below.

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