Snoop Dogg Wants Sade Collab, Recalls Being Too Scared To Meet Her In Person

There aren’t many people who can make Snoop Dogg nervous, but he laughed his way through a story about attending a Sade concert.
Who knows, it may be the collaboration that you didn’t know you needed, but either way, Snoop Dogg is “putting it out in the air” that he wants to lock down new music with Sade. The Nigerian-British singer has been a favorite for millions of fans worldwide for decades, and although she is often seen as an elusive character in the celebrity world, her legacy remains unshaken.

We’ve seen rappers get tattoos of her likeness and others sampled her hits for their tracks, but Snoop wants to get into the studio with the smooth jazz singer. While at a studio in Inglewood, Snoops reminisced on attending a Sade show back in the day.

“I went to her concert, I went to see her perform on time,” Snoop recalled. “I went with Heavy D and LL Cool J. She had all these visual effects where she disappeared and she was in the top of the sky, she was [amazing]. They were like, ‘You wanna go meet her?’ I was like, ‘Uh uh.'” It seems that a face-to-face encounter with the music icon was a bit too much for Snoop.

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The Long Beach hitmaker joked that he was nervous and told his crew that they needed to leave because “there would be a lotta cars trying to get out” after the concert was over. When asked what his favorite Sade song is, Snoop answered “Your Love is King” is definitely on the list. Check out the classic track below.

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